Monday, August 23, 2010

Artist 50: Peter Longstaff

There's no denying that Peter Longstaff is a great painter. He style is very impressionistic and conveys a lot of emotion. The British painter uses brushstrokes to his advantage, creating a variety of textures that make the viewer want to touch the painting.

Winter Walk
peter longstaff

Winter Wonderland
peter longstaff

Did I mention that he has no arms? Yeah, he was born with no arms because of a drug his mother was taking during pregnancy to cure morning sickness. He taught himself how to paint using nothing but his feet and mouth. That's pretty damn impressive!

Peter inspires me to overcome physical obstacles, no matter what the odds are. He also reminds me that when you're thinking your life sucks, there's always someone worse off, and they just might surpass you if you let your problems get to you.

No freakin' arms!

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