Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Artist 20: Mark Powell

When I think of happy thoughts, I think of sculptor Mark Powell. Every time I see one of his miniature scenes I want to eat a steak.

Powell is a sculptor of rather grotesque material. He wrote this as his only artist info on his website;
"I have been working primarily on creating miniature environments where imaginary beings evolve, devolve, consume, excrete, multiply and decay."

Yeah, pretty remarkable stuff.

There is no denying how detailed his work is and how skilled he is at what he does. He can actually make look flesh look like it's rotting, melting, sloshing off, or bleeding. That's quite an accomplishment when you're working with miniatures!

His dark imagery really appeals to me, and serves as a big influence for my bio-mech type pieces.

Enough suspense already, here's the main course;

"Meat Eater/Anatomy Lesson"
mark powell

"The Sewers of the Sacred"
mark powell

"Dream Diorama 5"
mark powell


  1. I don't think he did. I do know that some death metal bands have used his work as album artwork.