Thursday, August 19, 2010

Artist 23: Bunknubber

Okay, this is probably an artist no one has heard of before, but he's greatly influenced my thought process and body of work. Bunknubber is a wire sculptor from Portland, Oregon that I found on deviantART. His sculptures are a completely different style than mine, as they have solid bodies and are primarily made out of copper. The creatures are completely imaginary as well, but often reflect on already existing objects. He will occasionally throw in a found object or two for added jest.

"Copper Dragon"

However, his sculptures are not what have influenced me the most. His wire and found object masks/head harnesses are what inspired me to start doing the full arm and body pieces of wearable art. They have a horror/shock element to them, as well as a great sense of humor and whimsy.

"Spacelord 2.0"

As you can see, he has an odd sense of humor and creates highly amusing pieces. I hope to accomplish a similar effect with a few of my pieces this year.

You can view the rest of his work here;

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