Friday, August 20, 2010

Artist 26: Claes Oldenburg

It seems like Sweden has been stalking me lately. First it's the melodic death metal, then cases of mistaken identity in Europe, now a surge of artists.

This artist is Claes Oldenburg. If you've been to Washington DC, then you've probably seen one of his large-scale sculptures, "Typewriter Eraser, Scale X".

typewriter eraser scale x Pictures, Images and Photos

Oldenburg studied in the United States at the Latin School of Chicago, Yale, and Art Institute of Chicago. During his stay in Chicago he worked as a reporter, opened his own studio and became a naturalized citizen in 1953. His first official sales were sold at the 57th Street Art Fair. He sold 5 pieces for $25.........

Claes's most memorable sculptures are his colossal sculptures of tiny, everyday objects. However, his most fun sculptures are his soft sculptures, which are occasionally interactive. One such example is a giant tube of lipstick that deflates unless the viewer pumps air into it. After a few redesigns, which involve mounting the sculpture atop a tank tread, it was moved to Morse College Courtyard in Yale, where it can be seen today. His other soft sculptures are typically gigantic representations of food, often twice the size of the average human.

Oldenburg is often lumped in with Pop Art, due to his subject matter.
Supposedly, he has a piece on exhibit in the Moon Museum, on the actual moon! This 3/4" x 1/2" museum was placed on the moon by Apollo 12.
He is currently represented by the Pace Gallery in New York.

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