Sunday, August 22, 2010

Artist 37: Paul Gerrard

"This is not horror, this is undefined reality."
-Paul Gerrard

Gerrard is another member of the Last Rite Gallery in New York City. He hated college classes, since he didn't want to produce anything his professors wanted. He was interested in creating bug-like creatures and warriors made out of metal. He says that his first job was putting dots on maps, which he hated as well. He did this for two years and almost completely lost his passion for art. He wanted to work on large scale paintings, but had no room to do this. So he sold his car, bought a Pentium 200 mmx computer so he could create large pieces without consuming every square inch of his apartment. He spent many years contemplating whether or not he should stay digital or move to oils, until he started working in the video game industry. He now works for Ubisoft UK (the company who created Shadow of the Beast). He works as a level, world, and vehicle designer and has the official title of Art Director. This is a job he is finally happy with.

You're probably wondering what his work looks like by now. Well, here it is.

The Original Mandala
The Original Mandala

The band Sybreed's music creates images in my head that are almost exactly like this. His work carries along the theme that I am researching of the man-made versus the natural, and the mixture of the two. Sybreed plays into this as well (their name means Synthetic Breed). Incase you're curious, here's some Sybreed to listen to while looking at Gerrard's work;

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