Saturday, May 8, 2010

There Will Be Light!

I was searching for some wire armor suits last night, which from what I've found don't exist yet. I did find something very, very cool though. It's called electroluminescent wire, or EL wire for short. If you're a Daft Punk fan, you've seen it already;
Daft Punk Pictures, Images and Photos
Auto tuners have made this material popular, but artists have started to use it for wearable artwork in recent years.

I found a supplier that sells it at a good price. I do not plan on using it to make form fitting suits. Instead, they will accent protrusions and extensions. Basically, I'll be turning people into deep sea creatures, like this!
deep sea fish Pictures, Images and Photos
Anglerfish Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. interesting idea! I like that. I think you will want to think about getting your models (I think you should have some live ones for the opening) to wear all black , maybe even hooded so you can focus solely on the forms. The light will make this easier. However, lets not have any of them emit unplanned smoke or make weird burning smells (like the plamp!)

  2. I already have a few people lined up. They'll definitely be wearing black underneath the armor. The illuminated pieces are going to have built in hoods so you can only see the lower halves of their faces.

    I was thinking about that actually. Thankfully, I found step-by-step instructions for this. If they aren't properly insulated, we'll have a few medium-rare students on hand.