Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Progress Update and Arthur Ganson

I've made a small dent in my work or the senior show. I have 2 hatchetfish done and 3 more frame for the large school, the frame for the Panaque catfish, the left arm, chest cover, mask frame, and most of the back cover for the armor, and some work done for a wire suit for one of my friends at home, who happens to be going to CNU in the fall.

And now for an inspirational artist.

Arthur Ganson is one of those obscure artists that remains enigmatic to the public eye. It ends up that Ganson has influenced me since I was a child. I used to play with these things called Toobers & Zots when I was little, which he designed. He is a kinetic sculptor who uses wire to make gears (VERY hard to do). He specialized in Rube Goldberg machines (use several steps with simple machines to accomplish a simple task) with existensial themes. Many of them accomplish completely useless tasks, but that's part of the brilliance.

This one oils itself, and that's it!
"Machine With Oil"

"Machine With Wishbone"
I like working with bones, so this one is an obvious favorite.

"Knife Throwing Machine"
Kathy knows that this one should never be shown to a certain someone I used to live with......

This one is just plain weird. A chair and a cat, stuck in an eternal struggle.


  1. MAN I FREAKING LOVE THIS GUY. He came to Iowa State as a visiting artist, and he is so interesting. I would love to see your stuff go this direction.

  2. Margot's cat was on view while he was there too, I could watch this thing for hours.

  3. That's awesome! He seems like an interesting guy just by looking at his work.