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Monday, May 10, 2010

Metal Fishes

I've been working on drawings for some of the "inhabitants" for the immersive river scene I plan on creating for Senior Sem. I've researched some rather interesting creatures through my expansive knowledge of freshwater life. I'm going to stay true to size, shape, colors, and patterns for all of these, so quite a few will be quite large. I'll include the intended length of the actual sculptures along with some pics. Here are some photos of what these creatures actual look like;

Click the pictures to view them in full.

Pallid Sturgeon, 5-6'
pallid sturgeon

Paddlefish, 3-5'
Paddlefish Pictures, Images and Photos
note the albino/leucistic one in the back

Asian Arowana, 30"
Fire Red Arowana Pictures, Images and Photos

Royal Panaque (the big one), 13"
Blue eyed panaque and royal panaque Pictures, Images and Photos

Hatchetfish, 3" There will be a large school of these
Marble Hatchetfish {Carnegiella strigata) Pictures, Images and Photos

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish, 36"
tiger shovelnose catfish Pictures, Images and Photos

Polypterus delhezi, 14"
Polypterus delhezi Pictures, Images and Photos

Mata mata turtle, 16"
Mata mata

Giant Yabby (Astacopsis gouldi) 25-30"
giant crayfish

Payara, 2-3'
payara Pictures, Images and Photos

African Tigerfish, 3-4'
Hydrocynus vittatus Pictures, Images and Photos

for a better idea......
goliath tigerfish

I doubt I will be able to make all of those, but it's a goal.

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