Saturday, June 19, 2010

Greece Update 2

Very cool stuff! I visited the Mordern Art Museum of Greece yesterday. There was a solo exhibit for an artist called Fasianos who designed the current stamp being used in the country. I'll have pics from that once I return home. There were some other very interesting pieces in the main building as well.

Today my brother and I went to Pataloudes and Chalki while our parents stayed in town. It was an awesome trip!!! The migratory moths had just arrived in the Pataloudes valley. Trees and rocks were covered in thousands of brightly colored moths for the entire valley! In Chalki we were lucky enough to see a traditional Greek Orthodox funeral procession. A Crucifix was carried in front of a small truck. The priest chanted while standing on the back of the truck, which carried the woman's unpreserved body, no casket included. A small group of mourners walked behind the truck, wearing all black, in the blazing sun. The town itself was fascinating as well.

I'm off to dinner now. Expect to see a ton of photos soon.

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