Sunday, July 11, 2010


During my stay in Rhodes, Greece I found a small modern art museum close to one of the gates by the marina. They were having a solo exhibition by a rather famous Greek artist known as Alekos Fasianos.

Fassianos in not only a painter, but a proficient violinist. After his studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts and Athens Conservatory, respectively, he went to Paris to study. Here he learned the art of lithography. Since 1950 he has had numerous exhibits around the world, 70 in total. On top of being a world renowned painter, he also worked with the National Theatre of Greece. His most recent and widely viewed works were posters and stamps for the 2004 Athens Olypics (I picked up a few).

His style is a quirky fusion of classical and modern styles. The colors are highly saturated and the figures are mostly flat. A common theme in the vast majority of his work is a scarf and an olive branch. There was only 1 pieces in his entire solo show that did not have an olive branch or scarf present. The figures that he paints are a single color, and more times than not they're not a flesh tone. All of his figures typically look them same, regardless of gender. this adds an odd sense of humor in his work, which I like very much.

Here are some examples of his work;

Un Voyage Unique

Zeus & Thetis


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