Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Peter Minshall

I am taking a Caribbean art course this semester, and I think I have found my favorite artist from the region. This phenomenal artist/designer is Peter Minshall, a native to Trinidad. He does large-scale costumes for Carnival, often winning Carnival King. I chose Minshall because his works are pretty damn impressive! His wearable pieces give me a lot of ideas for my own wearable artwork. Just take a look at these over-the-top costumes that can almost be considered sculptures.

Peter Minshall costume

Peter Minshall's Mancrab

"Danse Macabre"
Peter Minshall's Danse Macabre

"He Who Laughs Last"
Peter Minshall's He Who Laughs Last

And some videos. These pieces have to be seen in motion to fully appreciate them;

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  1. Very cool. Jana Sterbak did a really interesting piece (totally different subject) where the person is harnessed into a giant hoop skirt and has to drive herself around with remote control.